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Go-To-Market Fit Toolkit 2023

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Your resource on the road toward Go-to-Market Fit 

How do you build a successful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company? For entrepreneurs in the SaaS space, that’s the question everyone wants the answer to. A good SaaS company can grow to $10+ million in annual recurring revenue (ARR) and exit to an M&A consolidator. But a great, enduring SaaS company can grow to $100+ million of ARR. The difference between a good SaaS company and a great one often lies in that the more successful company has perfected its Go-To-Market Fit (GTMF).

Perfecting GTMF means building a repeatable, scalable growth engine. It's about creating a Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy that drives continuous growth. In 2022, we published our first version of this GTMF Toolkit, where the Oxx team and our network collected decades worth of B2B software and SaaS expertise and turned it into a guide. 
In the 2023 updated version of the toolkit, we go even further. We have doubled the length of the section on Go To Market Fit Accelerators, with a particular focus on further developing the chapters on positioning, pricing and marketing. We have also created downloadable templates and checklists to help you operationalise the learnings from this section.
In section 2 on KPIs, we have added two metrics that are talked about more and more frequently: burn multiple and the rule of 40. If you are having a conversation with an investor in 2023, make sure you know what these are for your company. Moreover, since the launch of the toolkit in 2022, one of the most appreciated aspects of it was the downloadable SaaS metrics, unit economics and cohort analysis template. We have updated this with further data points and analyses, giving you a fast and comprehensive overview of your financial data. 
As a bonus, the guide also contains a SaaS glossary, now updated with more than double the number of terms to help you navigate the B2B SaaS acronym and terminology jungle. Throughout the guide you will also find links to further reading and additional resources.
Whether you are reading the toolkit online or have downloaded it as a PDF to print and make annotations, we hope you find this useful as you navigate the journey toward Go-to-Market fit. Feel free to reach out with any questions or requests on what to cover in the next update – this is a resource for you. 

Team Oxx

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