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Go-To-Market Fit Toolkit

How do you build a successful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company? The secret sauce to explosive growth is nailing your Go-To-Market Fit (GTMF). A good SaaS company can grow to $10+ million in ARR and exit to an M&A consolidator. But a great, enduring SaaS company can grow to $100+ million of ARR. The difference between a good SaaS company and a great one is often in perfecting GTMF.

Perfecting GTMF means building a repeatable, scaleable growth engine. It's about creating a Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy that drives continuous scale. The Oxx team and network have collected decades of B2B software and SaaS expertise into a guide to help you achieve this.

This guide includes a downloadable SaaS metrics, unit economics and cohort analysis template that will give you a fast and comprehensive overview of your financial data, and help you measure and perfect your GTMF.


After this Overview, Section 1 covers what the different stages of SaaS growth look like, starting with Product-Market Fit (PMF). Section 2 is a deep dive into the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you need to know to track your growth. Section 3 covers seven methods to accelerate your GTMF. Section 4 looks at some nuances to consider according to which GTM approach your company uses. Section 5 is an introductory guide to internationalisation.


This guide also contains a SaaS glossary that you can skip to if there is an acronym you aren't sure about. Throughout the guide you will also find links to further reading and additional resources.



Introduction to GTMF: the different stages of SaaS growth

  • There are 3 distinctive phases of SaaS growth: Product-Market Fit (PMF), Go-To-Market Fit (GTMF), and Growth and Moat

  • How do you know you've hit the elusive Product-Market Fit milestone? 

  • After reaching Product-Market Fit, building for Go-To-Market Fit is critical to scaling successfully

  • Premature scaling off shaky foundations is a common and painful scale-up mistake


KPI’S: How to know what's working

  • Not all revenue is created equal - prioritise the relevant parts and define terms carefully

  • Foundational unit economics cover the essential 'need to knows'

  • But off-the-shelf KPIs can be misleading, particularly for modern GTM approaches

  • Cohort analysis can shine light on changes over time and distinctiveness between GTM strategies

  • Cohort economics can also show you how you're tracking towards your theoretical LTV

  • BONUS: View and download Oxx’s own SaaS metrics, unit economics and cohort analysis template

  • Create an operational GTM dashboard and allocate owners to ensure consistent impact on performance metrics



GTMF accelerators: Oxx's 7 recommendations

  • Double down on retention

  • Develop clarity of positioning through focus

  • Specialise revenue generating team roles

  • Right-size GTM leaders at the right time

  • Create and iterate tailored pricing models

  • Invest in scalable demand generation

  • Treat onboarding as a differentiator


Nuances by GTM strategy: top tips, common mistakes & KPI's

  • Sales led growth - outbound sales

  • Sales led growth - inbound sales

  • Product-led growth

  • Community-led growth



  • Internationalising a European SaaS business is generally done sooner than US peers

  • There are 5 general approaches to internationalising from a European base

  • Expanding internationally can be transformational, but watch out for common pitfalls

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