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An introduction to Go-To-Market Fit and the different stages of SaaS growth

  • Introduction to the three distinctive phases of SaaS growth: Product-Market Fit (PMF), Go-To-Market Fit (GTMF), and Growth and Moat

  • How do you know you've hit the elusive Product-Market Fit milestone? 

  • After reaching Product-Market Fit, finding Go-To-Market Fit is critical to successful scaling

  • The different Go-To-Market Strategies or Motions 


KPIs: How do you know what's working?

  • Not all revenue is created equal - prioritise the relevant parts and define terms carefully

  • Foundational unit economics cover the essential 'need to knows'

  • But off-the-shelf KPIs can be misleading, particularly for modern GTM approaches

  • Cohort analysis can shine light on changes over time and distinctiveness between GTM strategies

  • Cohort economics can also show you how you're tracking towards your theoretical LTV

  • BONUS: View and download Oxx’s own SaaS metrics, unit economics and cohort analysis template

  • Create an operational GTM dashboard and allocate owners to ensure consistent impact on performance metrics



Seven general recommendations to accelerate your progress toward Go-to-Market Fit

  • Part 1 – Two P’s to central to GTM success

    • Positioning

    • Pricing

  • Part 2 – Key differentiators in the Customer Lifecycle

    • Invest in a marketing engine serving your GTM strategy 

    • Treat client onboarding as a differentiator

    • Double-down on Customer Success to secure high customer retention 

  • Part 3 – Secure the right resources at the right time

    • Specialise revenue generating roles

    • Build and scale your team at the right time


Nuances by GTM strategy: top tips, common mistakes and KPIs

  • Sales-led growth: Outbound sales

  • Sales-led growth: Inbound sales

  • Product-led growth

  • Community-led growth



  • Differences in approach between US- and European companies 

  • The five general approaches to internationalising from a European base

  • The common pitfalls when internationalising


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