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Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, our carefully curated templates will empower you to navigate the complexities of scaling your SaaS business and help you nail your Go-To-Market Fit (GTMF).

Oxx's SaaS Metrics Template

Through analysing the KPIs and metrics of (literally) thousands of SaaS businesses, we have developed a comprehensive metrics template for you to use. It only requires four data inputs to work: your MRR per client data, sales and marketing costs (or customer acquisition costs), gross margins and monthly burn. Inputting these four datasets allows you to immediately and automatically calculate several useful visualisations of your metrics, using the standardised off-the-shelf definitions.

Among others, the core analysis includes:

  • Overall MRR/ARR growth

  • Movements in client numbers and ARPA and underlying drivers of ARPA

  • Quick ratios

  • Core unit economics including CAC payback and LTV/CAC, magic number, as well as retention stats 

  • A full suite of cohort analysis, including cohorted gross and net retention, and cohorted gross profit vs CAC  

The template also allows you to automatically split the entire customer base into two cohorts at a time (eg self-serve vs assisted, SMB vs enterprise, Europe vs North America etc.) and allows you to see almost all the analysis described in this section that's not related to sales and marketing costs (as cohort attribution here is tricky to unpick).

Download Oxx's SaaS Metrics, Unit Economics
& Cohort Analysis Template

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Buyer Research Question Bank

In the toolkit, we discuss the different kinds of research a company should go through to understand their target audience better. The insights generated are then used for a multitude of purposes, for example to set both the company’s positioning and pricing. This kind of research can be both quantitative and qualitative, and to fully understand the insights generated, we recommend both strategies are put to use. 


To help you get started with qualitative research, we have created a question bank that you can refer to as you start conducting your buyer research calls with customers and/or prospects. 

  • What buyer research calls are

  • Do’s and don’ts when conducting the calls

  • A bank of questions, split by GTM strategy


Access the question bank by filling in your details in the form below.

Download Oxx's Buyer Research Question Bank

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Buyer Research
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